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sydney magers

Featured Vocals

The sweet, sweet melody of our hearts, she's the powerhouse vocalist and sole female member of the band, Sydney couldn't be more proud to be one of "The Heroes!" She started performing at age 5 doing musical theatre and realized early she had found her calling in life. She was previously a member of the bands Homegrown and Tricycle. In the Spring 2015 she was scooped up by The Juice Box Heroes along with Dexter Neeld. With over 23 years of experience in musical theatre performance, she continues to participate and direct productions whenever possible. Her birthday is October 25th (she loves flowers!) and her favorite genre of music to sing is Soul/R&B. She would like to thank her family, friends and fans for always being incredibly supportive, and of course – the other members of the band for being part of this crazy, fun, awesome family we like to call The Juice Box Heroes.

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