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Concerts, festivals, & venues



The Juice Box Heroes playing a festival is not something you want to miss! We take our already energy packed performance and take it to the next level. With big lighting and even bigger sound, experience JBH like you never have before. 



We absolutely LOVE performing for thousands of people! Every large concert event is a special memory for every person in attendance. We strive to give our audiences an exciting, energetic, and up-beat experience that will be unforgettable! Whether you're celebrating a special event, promoting your business, or just want to throw a giant party - we're the band for you!



"If we promote it - they will come!" Whether you own a bar, a club, or any other public venue, we will bring the party! Every band gets their start playing in bars and clubs, and many build their entire business on these venues. The Juice Box Heroes typically only play one show like this each month. By taking this strategy, we ensure that our show - and YOUR venue, are packed and full of energy! 

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